Improve Your Quality of Life

Welcome to Precision Chiropractic & Integral Health

Our primary purpose is to optimize our patients quality of life by treating musculoskeletal conditions causing pain and discomfort and by providing information.

We have 2 clinics conveniently located clinics at 88 Pitt Street near Martin Place in Sydney CBD and in Burraneer near Cronulla which enable us to provide you with quality chiropractic health care, so that you may enjoy the benefits of improved health and wellness throughout life.

Dr Darren Chin (Chiropractor) has comprehensive knowledge in gentle low force treatments which he has obtain over the last 24 years of practice and has a calmer and relaxed approach to your visit.

We feel that providing patient information is extremely important. If patients understand what is affecting their body, they will experience greater results with their overall chiropractic care. The more we know about your health, the more we can provide treatment to suit your individual complaint.

The majority of our clients are referred. Usually new clients arrive at the clinics because they have heard of the outcomes we’ve achieved for their family, friends and colleagues who have benefited from our care. We would be delighted to receive referrals from you and would gladly receive your referral as the greatest compliment.

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Chiropractor explaining back pain to patient

Pain Relief

Our goal is to serve you with an exceptionally friendly and prompt service and to provide the best in family health care available.

A Chiropractic assessment can diagnose potential causes of your pain.

We will immediately address the identified potential causes of your pain and discomfort by performing corrective treatment aimed to provide you with relief.

Dr Darren Chin - Chiropractor adjusting patient

Be Pro-Active

We recommend a wellness management strategy which not only addresses your pain, it may help to reduce and prevent your pain from returning. Many musculoskeletal problems can be successfully treated and managed.

We believe that a wellness management strategy incorporating lifestyle changes relating to diet and exercise combined with early treatment of musculoskeletal complaints, may enable you to manage and optimise your overall health.

Chiropractic activator methods

Gentle Treatment

Our belief in a low force approach means that our patients have a chiropractic treatment option that does not involve manipulative adjustments. This is something that is realtively unknown to the general public. Darren excels in the gentle treatment of patients which can lead to a calmer, more relaxed adjustment.

The difference is our proficiency rating for chiropractic activator methods, the inclusion of Impulse Instrument which is an advancement in instrument adjustment equipment and the use of muscle testing as a diagnostic tool. This approach leads to lower overall forces applied to the client while being treated.